3jam BlackBerry Threaded-SMS Client Screenshot

Introducing the 3jam Threaded SMS application for BlackBerry!

Archiving, group texting, IM-style views and more. Try it free!


The 3jam Threaded SMS app was designed to be super fast, with no-handed access to reading incoming messages. Replies are always only one click away!

Just think of the number of clicks and scrolls you go through now in order to read and reply to a new text message, and you'll never go back to your BlackBerry messaging client again!



In the scrolling IM view, incoming messages automatically show up in the conversation thread!


Finally, you can experience true threaded SMS on your BlackBerry. Conversation lists are sorted by sender instead of a simple listing of all your messages.

Best of all, messages are stored in a separate database so you'll never lose messages to the BlackBerry's "auto-delete" function again! You can even export conversations to email to save space!



You get to decide if you want to show senders and most recent messages on one line or two.


In addition to 1-to-1 messaging, U.S. BlackBerry users have the option to pick recipients from your BlackBerry's address book and start a group conversation!

It's easy and useful! Your friends don't need the BlackBerry application nor do they have to have signed up on 3jam.com. All they need is any SMS-enabled mobile phone to reply!



The app requires no data connection and major features can be easily changed to your liking!

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