3jam Web Services API

What is the 3jam API?

An easy and free way to build a web application that integrates reply-all text messaging.

What can I build that uses reply-all text messaging?

There are countless ideas. Here are a few:

  • Planning an event? Send details to friend’s phones and keep the group talking.
  • Keep your readers engaged by allowing them to share gossip or quiz their friends.
  • A way to take conversations “to go” for your online community.
  • Personal safety net for safe ride, disaster alerts or other public services.
  • Reply-all alerts, i.e. a server goes down, four people need to be notified and coordinate immediately to respond
  • A word of mouth tool to let people easily talk about and try your product.
  • Skiing, fantasy football, soccer practice, and trips to Vegas. Keep small groups connected, competing, or smack talking.

You decide the purpose and your web site starts the conversation. We deliver the messages and make sure carrier guidelines are followed.

How do I get started?