About 3jam

The 3jam Story

Text messaging is great, but getting everyone looped in can be a drag. Our founders quit complaining, took action, and started 3jamming!

Andy Jagoe and Enlai Chu wanted to use text messaging to do more than just 1:1. They wanted to send messages to a group of friends, have everyone know who got it, and be able to reply all. In other words, basic things to enable a more flexible, freestyle means of communicating. When they looked around, it was clear - they’d have to build it themselves.

They spent 2005 developing this new way to text message and called it 3jam. Why 3jam? Well, everybody knows that in a band it takes at least three people to really get a jam going. They chose the name 3jam for this and many other reasons: it’s easy to say, spell, and remember, plus it is easy to enter on a mobile phone.

When 3jam launched, they discovered two things: the first is that people really love the service, the second is that 3jamming is an entirely new way to communicate. Nothing else available today comes close (this includes voice calls, email, mobile email, IM, mobile IM, and push to talk). Start a 3jam and see for yourself!

3jam is proud to be funded by NEA and Norwest.